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For Sale By Owner – A Guide

At Colt Property Services, Houston’s #1 For Sale By Owner Flat Fee Listing Service, we quite literally wrote the book on how to sell your home yourself. That’s because after years of helping Houstonians sell their homes themselves, Cheryl Jones, Broker/Owner of Eagle Realty Group, sat down and really did write the book.

For Sale By Owner Success Handbook (eBook)

FSBO Success HandbookThe “For Sale By Owner Success Handbook” is available for the Kindle, at Due to contractual limitations, we have temporarily removed it from the Barnes & Noble Nook store, in order to offer it to Amazon Prime members.

Cheryl decided that she wanted to help those whose home for sale is located outside the Greater Houston area. After all, not all realtors are created equal. Be the legacy realtors or flat fee realtors, knowledge, certifications, and experience can vary widely.

If you’re selling your home yourself, then you want to learn from someone who specializes in For Sale By Owner home sales. Well, that’s Cheryl’s business. In fact, not only is For Sale By Owner her business model, but she owns and operates Houston’s #1 For Sale BY Owner Flat Fee Listing Service.

But going beyond what many other flat fee realtors can offer, Cheryl is specifically trained as a “Certified Home Marketing and Staging Specialist”. That certification means that while your local flat fee realtor may have experience, you may well find tips in this book that have escaped your local realtor.

In her book, Cheryl shows you the most important things that you need to do, to sell your home yourself, sell it fast and save thousands of dollars in broker commissions, in the process. Since Cheryl wrote this book, not for profit, but as a courtesy to help those outside the Greater Houston Area, who can’t benefit from her direct involvement in selling their For Sale By Owner home, Cheryl has priced this fact-filled book at just $0.99.

The information in this book is a condensed version of what we teach our clients. You’ll learn to think like a realtor. We teach you curb appeal and staging secrets. You’ll learn tips on how to more effectively show your home and lots more.

Follow the steps laid out in this book and you’ll increase the probability of a faster sale, at a better price. The only thing that you won’t have is Cheryl’s on-site expertise and other services. But that’s the difference between a $495 flat-fee listing and a $0.99 eBook.

By the way, even if you’re outside our service area, if you are planning to sell your home yourself, then we strongly recommend that you find a flat fee realtor in your area and obtain a low-cost MLS listing. It will dramatically improve the marketing visibility of your home for sale, nationwide.

And here’s another tip. Use a local realtor for this service, since a good local realtor will likely help you with things that just aren’t done well by long-distance, like negotiations and handling your closing documents for your local title company. Just remember that not all flat fee realtors offer the same service. Before you sign with a flat fee realtor in any city, check out what we offer our Houston area clients, so you’ll know what to look for in your hometown.

If you buy the book, then call us and let us know how it helped. We like to hear when we’ve made a positive difference. Or if you would rather not call, then leave us a review on the site where you bought the book.

All we ask is that if you should eventually decide that you do need a Greater Houston MLS listing, you’ll keep us in mind. Don’t pay 6% of the purchase price of your home, to a legacy realtor, just to get that MLS listing. Not only will we facilitate your Flat Fee Houston MLS listing, but we’ll provide lots of other services, including handling all of the closing paperwork and going to closing with you and that’s all covered in our low $495 listing fee. While there are many other discount real estate agents out there, we’d like to show you why we’re the best!

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