Residential Leasing Services

Professional Residential Property Leasing Services

The residential property leasing specialists at Eagle Property Management Services of Houston are experts at finding qualified and motivated renters, for any kind of residential property. Renting out a single-family dwelling can provide you, the property owner, a decent return on your investment, IF you price it right... IF you don't have to waste a lot of time with unqualified applicants... IF the house doesn't set on the market too long... IF you find high quality, long-term tenants, who will maintain your property. There are a lot of "IFs". It sounds like a daunting process. But it doesn't have to be.

Our expert team of property management professionals will help you in every way. We'll do the research, to determine a reasonable rental price. We'll give you tips on curb appeal and provide licensed and insured professionals to help you get your rental house ready for market. Then, we'll bring you qualified, motivated renters. We'll do the foot-work. We'll do the background and credit checks.

In short, Eagle Property Management will take the headaches and worry out of leasing your residential investment property.

Then, when a renter is ready to sign, our realty affiliate, Eagle Realty Services of Houston, will handle the rental contracts, making sure that everything is done properly and professionally and that your investment is protected.

Call now, at (877) 495-5478 or (281) 788-1769 to learn more about why Eagle Property Management Services should be handling the leasing of your single-family rental home.