Leasing and Sales

Residential Rental Property Leasing and Sales

There are two ways to get money out of an investment property. For the most part, your profits come from Leasing, over an extended time. However, there may come a time when your property has appreciated so much that you decide to take your capital gains profits. Eagle Residential Property Management Services of Houston is your top choice for marketing your property, be it for rent or for sale.

Residential Property Leasing Service
Eagle Property Management Services has designed a plan for leasing that advances further than simply finding willing people to occupy your property. When working with us, you will have a Project Team that is in charge of overseeing leasing activities and they will not accept anything less than well-qualified tenants, exceptional rental rates and minimum vacancies. Learn more here.

Residential Property Sales
When you eventually decide to take your capital gains, from your rental property, our affiliate realtors, Eagle Realty Services of Houston, will be there to find qualified buyers for your property. Visit Eagle Realty Services here.

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