Repairs and Maintenance

Residential Property Maintenance and Repairs

When your rental property requires repairs, maintenance or renovations, who do you call? At Eagle Property Management Services of Houston, our maintenance personnel and make-readies are required to possess all appropriate licenses and insurance coverage and must undergo close scrutiny. All of our maintenance team is highly qualified and have the experience to efficiently and properly handle any job at hand.

We are confident when we say, "As a client, you will receive the best value for your dollar." Here's why.

Repairs, Maintenance and Renovations

One of the keys to effective and profitable operations of any rental property is the careful handling of repairs, renovations and regular maintenance. Your Eagle Property Management team has the answers to any of your questions ranging from refurbishing an older house, to maintaining a house in good condition, to handling insurance claims and much more.

We manage a number of apartment complexes, condominium units and single family dwellings, so we not only have access to top quality vendors, who provide us with discounted rates, but we also have maintenance staff “on payroll”. The sub contractors we employ seek volume apartment work and typically provide a significant discount to their rates in order to insure our continued business. We are able to “blend” individual contractors, with in-house personnel, to perform maintenance and renovation work for single family homes or condos, in a way that will save you both money and time.

Supervision of Maintenance

Eagle Property Management Services of Houston devotes as much time as may be required of us, to insure that every job we perform at your property is fulfilled in a professional and quality manner. Our team members strictly supervise all repairs, renovations, make readies and other ongoing maintenance, to guarantee quality work at the lowest possible cost.

The Bottom Line

Eagle Property Management aggressively pursues the best contractors and negotiates the best rates. We can do this, due to the number of properties that we maintain. Our staff then oversees the work, to insure that its done right, the first time.

When you choose Eagle Property Management Services, noticeable differences in operating expenses and follow-up work will become abundantly clear, between Eagle maintenance and owner contracted maintenance or maintenance provided by other management companies in the area.

To us, it's all about your bottom line and that's where you'll see the benefit of having the Eagle Property Management team on your team.

Call now at (877) 495-5478 or (281) 788-1769 to learn more about how our property maintenance and repair team can help you with your property upkeep and renovations.