Property Inspections

Houston Residential Property Inspections

Eagle Property Management Services of Houston knows that, as an owner of residential rental property, you need to know that your investment property is being properly maintained and that any renovations or repairs are being done properly. Whether it's routine inspections of occupied properties, overseeing renovations or monitoring a house that is on the market, our team of professional property managers will give you the peace of mind that goes with knowing that your investment property is receiving timely inspections and that maintenance and/or renovations are being carried out according to your specifications.

Property inspections are planned and conducted, as necessary, by your property team’s supervisor. Our property management team members conduct all on-site property inspections.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections of occupied houses are performed as deemed necessary, to insure that your tenants are doing their part to maintain your property. These are highly detailed inspections and cover every aspect of the property’s interior and exterior, such as roof condition, flooring, appliances, plumbing, door locks, smoke detectors and all other safety equipment. Our property inspectors particularly focus on aspects of the property that could present any liability issues in the future.

A primary purpose to these routine inspections is to allow us to halt any bad habits and any neglect of or abuse done to your property, by your tenants, before any serious or costly damage occurs. Many owners like to have their rentals inspected periodically, not only to ensure that the tenants are taking good care of their property, but also as a form of preventative maintenance, in order to keep the property in peak condition.

Make-Ready Inspections

All make-ready inspections correspond with any repair and/or renovation quotes, in order to ensure that no important items get overlooked. Your Eagle Property Management team will routinely inspect vacancies before; during and after vendors have performed make-ready repairs or renovations. All make ready inspections include digital photos that we email directly to you.

Vacancy Inspections

Vacancies pose the threat of having to verify that the property remains in top condition for viewing. Because of this the frequency of all on-site inspections are adjusted, as necessary, to assure that your rental property always remains stable and ready for viewing during any period of vacancy.

Periodic Inspection Reports

Our Periodic Inspection Reports are used to document the condition of your rental property and the maintenance of your tenants. These reports form a complete condition checklist for the investor/owner.

Beyond that, they also remind the tenant that the condition of the property is regularly documented. Since it's very difficult for a tenant to argue the facts noted on a form, which they themselves signed and dated, it means that your tenants are much less likely to abuse your property.

These reports also serve as a gentle reminder to the tenant that the premises has most likely been photographed and/or video taped prior to its occupancy and will likewise be photographed and/or video taped upon its vacancy. Of course, without being shared with the tenant it can also be used for internal property management purposes.

Houston Property Management's Periodic Inspection Reports are handy forms that allow you to remain fully informed on the condition of your properties.

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