Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting for Investment Property

Precise and well-timed reporting of investment activity is vitally important to any business, but especially when income-producing properties are concerned. Eagle Property Management Services of Houston takes responsibility for the documentation of all property income and expenses, for our clients. We report such activity to our clients every month. These reports are typically organized in the beginning of the month and are commonly mailed to the property owner in the middle of the month, or earlier.

We use nationally recognized property management software to complete our reporting and each entry is reviewed for accuracy by our accounting personnel and a property management team member. We also review each entry throughout the process and after the process to guarantee accuracy and compliance with the property owner’s stated plans, objectives and standards.

Banking Institutions

The regular deposit of funds is assured daily, by our accounting department and our clients are generally paid by company finances. Banking services are normally utilized from a suitably located bank that is federally insured. Eagle Property Management Services of Houston provides funds for clients overseas by direct deposit or by wire transfer. Eagle Property Management can forward tenant checks, upon request, directly to you or your bank. Each property account is reviewed regularly by our CPA and is maintained in strict compliance with standard accounting protocols.

You can count on Eagle Property Management Services of Houston, even if your account is extremely challenging!

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