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For the best complete property management service available in Houston and surrounding areas, you've come to the right place. At Eagle Property Management we focus our attention on the needs of our landlords, be they banks or small investors. Our team of qualified professionals specializes in residential property management, specifically managing single family rental houses, for both banks and investors.

Our team of property management professionals diligently maintain our clients properties at peak performance, so our clients experience superior cash flow. We are a full-service company offering not only property management services, but a full range of services for investment property owners.

  • Leasing services, with discounted leasing commissions
  • Sales services, with discounted sales commissions
  • Discounted property management fees
  • Low maintenance costs.

We specialize in retaining our tenants for an exceptionally long period of time further reducing your operating costs.

Call now, to learn why you want our team to be a part of yours. We'll be happy to discuss with you, the complete line of professional property management services that we have designed specifically for rental property owners, who want a hassle-free property ownership experience, with maximum profits.

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